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Everything You Need to Know


HOT ROOTS - Foundational Yoga classes combining strength, stamina, & balance. Heated.

RECOVERY - An entire hour dedicated to stretching and slowing down the movements from our roots classes. This class helps with stress of the mind. No Heat.


WEIGHTS "FOCUS" CLASSES - Full Body STRENGTH training workout with small increments of Hight Intensity Intervals. Focusing on 3 main areas; Core, upper body, and lower body/booty

BOOTY YOGA- In this class we focus entirely on the "Booty" along with fun yoga flows, high intensity movements and deep stretching.

HOT SCULPT - In this class we incorporate our foundational yoga along with light weights for an extra calorie burn and strength workout that takes yoga to another level of fitness.

BOOTY SCULPT -  Booty and Sculpt meet in this HIIT style class using weights to sculpt the booty and upper body.

PILATES - Controlled strength training movements incorporating core at each exercise. We offer 3 types of Pilates; Ring, Reformer, and Mat Pilates.

RHYTHM FIT - This is a full body circuit training workout with 35 stations including weights and specialty equipment to get you in the best shape of your life.

SPIN CLASS - In Rhythm and Ride spin classes, we do everything to the rhythm of the music. We work full body every single class, we burn lots of calories, and build strength while increasing our stamina and endurance.


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